A Sample Schedule

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PGY1Med ED (T)Psych ED (T)Pratt 2Pratt 2Neuro (T)Medicine (S)Med Consult (T)Medicine (T)Substance Abuse (A)Neuro (T)C/L (T)Pratt 2
PGY2TewksburyTewksburyC/L (T)C/L (T)Pratt 2 Geriatrics (LMH)C/L (S)Pratt 2Pratt 2 (ECT)Child inpt (MW)Forensics (SCF)Pratt 2
PGY4Elective / OutptElective / OutptPsych ED (T)Elective / OutptElective / OutptPsych ED (T)Elective / OutptElective / OutptElective / OutptElective / OutptElective / OutptElective / Outpt


T = Tufts Medical Center; Pratt 2 = Pratt 2 inpatient psychiatry unit at Tufts Medical Center; ECT = Month of ECT at Tufts Medical Center; A = Arbour Hospital (Jamaica Plain, MA); S = Lemuel Shattuck Hospital (Jamaica Plain, MA); LMH = Lawrence Memorial Hospital (Medford, MA); SCF = Dr. Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center (Boston, MA); W = Walker School (Needham, MA)

For more information about each site, visit the other training sites page. For more information about each individual rotation, visit the PGY-1, PGY-2, PGY-3, and PGY-4 pages.