The PGY-3 Year: An Overview


The PGY-3 year is dedicated to outpatient care, consisting of several six-to-eight week rotation blocks:

Adult clinics:

Mood and anxiety disorders clinic at Tufts Medical Center with Dr. David Adler.

General intake clinic at Tufts Medical Center with Dr. Djorje Koldzic.

South Boston Court Clinic with Dr. Stephen Porter. This clinic is located at a district court in South Boston, where residents take part in the psychiatric court clinic, gaining experience in forensic psychiatry. Residents gain experience in working with judges, attorneys, police officers, and parole officers. Residents evaluate offenders, testify in court, and write evaluations for the court. 

South Boston Behavioral Health Center with Dr. George Sigel. This is a Tufts Medical Center satellite clinic located in South Boston, serving adults, children, and adolescents. Residents see intakes, follow-up patients, and walk-ins in this community clinic. Here, residents gain experience working in a team setting by working with social workers and psychiatric nurse practitioners. 

Michael J. Gill Mental Health Clinic with Dr. Sally Reyering. This is a community clinic located at Shattuck Hospital, affiliated with Bay Cove Human Services, serving adults with chronic mental illness. Here, residents see intakes, follow-ups, and visit patients both in the clinic and in group home settings, with the clinic attendings. 

Child/Adolescent Clinics:

ADHD clinic, with Dr. Judith Robinson and Dr. Hope Schreiber.

Child and adolescent family therapy clinic with Dr. John Sargent and Dr. Elina Cymerman.

Child anxiety disorders clinic with Dr. Neha Sharma.

Child trauma clinic with Dr. Sigalit Hoffman.


PGY-3 residents attend full-day didactics each Wednesday.


Overnight call during the PGY-3 year averages to about one to two calls per month, and does not include holidays.