The PGY-2 Year: An Overview


The PGY-2 year consists of one-month rotation blocks that include:

Four to six months of adult inpatient psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center. During the inpatient psychiatry month, the PGY-2 resident works on a team with one other resident, generally a PGY-1 resident, several medical and PA students, a social worker, an occupational therapist, nursing staff, mental health workers, and one of the two inpatient attendings, generally caring for 5-6 patients per day, on a locked 20-bed inpatient unit. The unit experiences a great variety of pathology, including severe mood,  psychotic, and personality disorders, with patients from diverse culture and socio-economic backgrounds. 

Three to four months of consultation/liaison psychiatry at Tufts Medical Center. During these months, the PGY-2 resident works on a team consisting of medical students, other PGY-1 and/or PGY-2 psychiatry residents, and the inpatient and consultation/liaison attending. The consultation/liaison experience varies, but is generally very busy, consisting of seeing patients requiring psychiatry consultations with a broad range of pathology (mood and psychotic disorders, delirium, personality disorders, substance abuse/dependence, and more) and goals for treatment. Teams there consist of two residents, PGY-1 and/or PGY-2, several medical and PA students, and the consultation/liaison attending.

One month of child clinical experience at TMC. The PGY-2 will be exposed to child/adolescent consult liaison psychiatry at the Floating Hospital. There is also exposure to child/adolescent outpatient clinic that will be part of the schedule PGY-3 year. 

One month of geriatric psychiatry at Lawrence Memorial Hospital in Medford, MA. During this rotation, the PGY-2 resident works with patients on two different units: one unlocked 18-bed unit, and a locked 16-bed unit. This allows for exposure to older adults with a variety of psychiatric and neuropsychiatric disorders, frequently in the setting of significant medical co-morbidity.

One month of forensic inpatient psychiatry at Solomon Carter Fuller Mental Health Center in Boston, MA. During this month, the PGY-2 resident works directly with a forensic psychiatrist, treating patients with psychiatric illness in the setting of a locked, forensic unit.


Outpatient experience:

PGY-2 residents are expected to fulfill 10 "outpatient hours" per month, with psychotherapy and psychopharmacology patients. Each PGY-2 resident has two supervisors: one in-house supervisor and one "out-of-house" supervisor, with whom they meet weekly. 


PGY-2 residents attend weekly psychiatry didactics on Wednesday afternoons throughout the year. PGY-2 residents will lead case presentations about their outpatients. 


Overnight call averages to about three calls per month. The average call per year is about 34 calls.