There are many lucrative moonlighting opportunities in the Boston area and Tufts residents are allowed to moonlight (and many do) according to the following guidelines:

You may only moonlight if you are a US citizen or have a green card.
You must have a full Massachusetts license.
You must fill out the Tufts Medical Center moonlight authorization form and have it approved by Dr. Schindelheim and Tufts Medical Center Risk Management (if it is not approved by Tufts Medical Center Risk Management, you will be responsible for supplying your own malpractice insurance).
Your training director must know of ALL moonlighting activity.
You may not moonlight if you are on warning or probation.
You may do no more than 3 TOTAL moonlight calls per month.
You must be at least at the PGY III level.
You must submit copies of your monthly moonlighting schedule(s).